Friday, August 19, 2016

Anne Adams 4811 Redux

I didn't set out to make myself an Easter dress, but that's just how this one ended up. I finished it about two days before Easter, so the first time I wore it was to Easter brunch with some my mom's extended family. This is the second version of Anne Adams 4811 that I've made. The first version I made is one of my absolute favorite dresses, so springy and colorful, not to mention super light and comfortable in our sweltering Ohio Valley summers. A second one (and maybe eventually a third) was definitely in order, and in my book it's really hard to go wrong with a floral print challis, so floral challis it is...again.

Now, about half way through construction, I started thinking about the neckline. I wasn't sure I wanted two absolutely identical dresses, and I was kind of liking how the v-neckline was looking at this point. I decided to leave off the collar on this version, just to make it a little bit different, and faced the neckline edge with self bias tape. The buttons that I used for this dress are also vintage buttons that came from the big stash I inherited. It's been fun digging through and finding matching sets of buttons, interesting buckles, and other odds and ends, although it's such a huge box it takes ages to find things, and I'm never quite sure I have all of one kind. I've been very slowly trying to sort things out into color families at least, to make my searches a little simpler. I'm no where near having them organized though. 

I made the same alterations to this that I made on the first version, shifting the bust gathers up about 1.5 inches, grading in at the waist, and taking in the bust seams ever so slightly. It fits a bit differently now, since my son has weaned, but if anything it's improved the fit in the bust, which was what I had planned for. These pictures were rushed after we got home from brunch, I was tired and the sun was in my eyes, and therefore not in the mood for my husband playing photog. You get the idea though. 

Both of these dresses are on regular rotation for me this summer, and it's been nice having something super comfortable to throw on that looks like I put in some effort. It goes a long way to making you feel a little bit more human when you're stuck in the house with small children all of the time. It goes perfectly with my ReMix Sydneys, too, which are some of my favorite shoes. Always a plus. 


  1. That's such a darling dress, and that color!! I feel ya about having some garments on heavy rotation during the summer, that's been me lately. That post-graduating life, haha!

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts

    1. Thanks! This is sort of a new color palette for me, but I love it.

  2. Sweet dress! Its sad that only the young can wear vintage and not look frumpy.


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