Saturday, May 25, 2013

My biggest project yet!

While technically far from being big, my sweet little baby boy (born on Tuesday evening) is by far the most important, time consuming, labor intensive, beautiful, rewarding project I've ever taken on. We've been home for just a couple of days now and are still getting adjusted to a new schedule and lifestyle changes, but everyone is happy and healthy (and tired). Needless to say, all other sewing/knitting ventures will be put on the back burner for the next several weeks, but I do have a few things lined up for when I'm back at it (hopefully by later this summer). The blog will be pretty quiet in the meantime, but this little fellow is definitely worth it! 

Baby Finn, several hours old and lounging on his Papa's lap. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jumper progress

I got the front and back body pieces blocked and have finished the first sleeve for my So Neat and Sweet jumper. I was going to knit the sleeves at the same time, but since my Lacy Jumper is being held on my favorite wooden #3s, I had to use a much shorter metal pair that made it virtually impossible to knit them both at the same time. I've got the first one finished but not blocked, and the second one is on the needles right now. 

So Neat and Sweet in her simple v-necked Jersey from A Stitch in Time by Susan Crawford

So Neat and Sweet in her simple v-necked Jersey from A Stitch in Time by Susan Crawford

It's currently just pinned loosely onto Tabitha as I haven't done any seaming as yet. It's coming together nicely, though, and I'm very excited about getting it all finished. As I've said before, it's really been a quick knit which has been great. I've been too tired most days to get off the couch for long, but I hate not feeling productive, so this has been a great project to keep next to the couch. I'm using Nature Spun fingering weight wool and I've really enjoyed working with it. It handles nicely, but I am very impressed with how it blocked. I wet blocked the two body pieces after washing/soaking them with a teensy bit of soap and some white vinegar in warm water. It has produced a lovely, lightweight, soft fabric. Once I finish sleeve number two I will be knitting the garter stitch neckband and blocking the two sleeves. I can't wait to have a new sweater to wear next fall! 

In related news, I've started another of my sewing projects as well. It took me a while to get all of the pieces cut out, because measuring out new seam allowances, man handling yards of fabric and maneuvering all the pattern pieces has become a much more tiring process lately than it usually is. 

This is a Simplicity pattern from 1938, that is available as a reprint from Eva Dress for those of you interested. 

Simplicity Pattern 2636 from 1938

I need to mark all of my pieces, and then hopefully will get to sewing in the next couple of days. I toyed with the idea of lining the bodice, but I really love the slight sheerness of this lawn and I think that the floral print will really look lovely with just a hint of lace-edged slip peeping through. Instead, I think I'm going to just french seam the entire thing since I no longer have immediate access to a serger. I kind of enjoy making french seams actually, and I do enjoy the way they look on such light fabrics. 

We've had beautiful weather here for the last two days, which is always nice, and I finally got my new gas range/convection oven installed as well as having our crumbly front steps repaired! Both of those were things I really wanted to get taken care of before the baby gets here. I hope everyone else is having a lovely week as well!

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