Sunday, February 19, 2012

1935 Florals: Progress

It was a long time ago that I decided my next project (before the cold weather was gone) was going to be a long sleeved dress in that floral rayon faille I've had forever. Last night I was so burnt out on homework and grading that I decided at midnight it would be a good idea to go ahead and at least cut it out. I got a bit further than that. The seams in the skirt are all sewn. I just need to finish the button plackets in the center front and the two kick pleats in the back seams. I also found the perfect fabric in our stash of scraps to use to pipe the shoulder yoke seams. It's a bit of gold silk left from some bridesmaids dresses I made a couple of years ago for a friend.

The fabric had a single edge border, which I ran down the right center front of the bodice and skirt. The gold silk is a perfect complement, and I was excited not to have to buy something to use. I knew there had to be something, somewhere in the house that would work. I just need to buy some buttons. For a pattern with no instructions, it's really going together really well. I can't wait to get it all finished!
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