Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Digging in the dirt

Just popping in to say a quick hello and a glimpse of one of my unblogged projects from this summer.  This post also marks my own official photographic return to the blogosphere. It's really difficult to get pictures of myself unless Mr. S is home (which is not often as a small business owner), and for a while after my son was born I didn't really want to take pictures of myself anyway. But I'm back! Pictures of me may still be few and far between, but I'm going to make a concerted effort to get more photos of clothes on me and not just Tabitha. Last weekend my husband and I were doing some yard work, cleaning up the garden and planting some new shrubs, and as I already had my 1940s overalls on with the rest of my rather flamboyant gardening garb I had him snap a few quick shots (dirt, sweat and all) to show you. I used a lightweight, light blue denim, and some white ric rac from my mom's stash, along with a bit of polka dot ribbon I had lying around, just to brighten them up a bit.

These are kind of a frankenstein garment, using the bodice from a vintage playsuit pattern (I'd have to dig out my pattern index to find the number, but it's from the late 30's or very early '40s), and Simplicity 3688 with a little cuff added. The pockets were an idea I got from Bex, and stored away until I had something to use them on. The ric rac was basted on and then sandwiched between the pockets and the pocket facings, and then I topstitched the pockets to the overalls. 

I painted these wooden shoes a couple of years ago and I love them for yard work. They are so easy to slip on and off, and they're great in the mud. Plus, how can you not feel better with birds and hearts staring back at you from your bright yellow toes? I mean, really. 

I've worn these numerous times since I made them and I really love them. They're super comfy, totally utilitarian, and while I have something to wear for grubbing around in the mud I still feel like myself. I've got a couple of other projects from this summer that I'm working on getting some pictures of, and will hopefully have those posted soon so I can get on to my current projects (both sewing and knitting). Since the weather this week has finally cooled down and the brisk bite of autumn has firmly (hopefully) taken hold, I've been getting geared up for some winter wardrobe building.  I've got three major cold-weather sewing projects in the queue in an effort to revamp my winter wardrobe, but more on those later. For now, I hope that everyone is enjoying this shift into fall!

And because everything is better with 80s music video footage:

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