Monday, June 24, 2013

New shoes!

So, I was kind of irresponsible recently and bought myself a new pair of shoes (and not practical ones either). I absolutely LOVE Miss L Fire shoes, but they are expensive and I can only justify spending that much money on shoes every once in a while, when I've been saving up for them for months. Recently, however, Gertie posted that My Sole Addiction had the Lolas on sale. That was the end of me. I couldn't resist. They were nearly half off and shipping was free...and my husband said I deserved them (isn't he great?). So, without further ado.....

My new Miss L Fire Lolas in rust!!

Not only do I now have another color gap filled in my shoe collection, these are super comfy. The pirate print lining is really fun, too! I'm not sure when these puppies will make their debut, since I spend nearly all of my time on the couch underneath an infant (plus I still can't get into much of anything besides my yoga pants at this point), but just knowing that they're mine is enough for now. I can't wait until I can wear them out!

In other news, I finally worked out that massive tangle in my lace weight yarn and have since completed the front of the sweater I was working on. Next up are the sleeves. I have a very limited amount of yarn, so we'll see if I can get both sleeves out of it and still have enough to finish the collar and cuffs, but if not I am thinking of doing the collar and cuffs in a contrast color, perhaps white or cream. We'll see how it works out. 

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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