Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vintage Pattern Pledge V. 2.0

It's almost unbelievable, but I FINALLY finished another project! We're finally moved into the new house, and while I still have some organizing and things to do, I've gotten things settled enough that I actually have some space to sew again. I'd satisfied myself initially with a few quick, immediate gratification projects (in this case some bento bags for knitting projects and keeping the kids stuff better organized in the diaper bag), but I have actually finished a garment, too! This blouse is the same pattern that I used for the Vintage Playsuit Sew-Along , New York 1292. It wasn't in my original Pattern Pledge lineup, but when it came down to it, I needed a simple project that was going to be good for the summer, sew up quickly, and be nursing friendly. This was it. I already had the fabric in my queue. I pulled it out of my mom's stash when I grabbed the linen I used for my circle skirt, as they went so well together.

So without further ado, here are some hastily taken photos, in between trying to organize/clean/unpack and picking up the boys from my parents' house, hence the wrinkled linen and the shiny face. But hey! Actual pictures of me!

It's a super easy pattern, and even with two small kids, dishes and laundry to deal with I managed to get the whole thing finished in about three evenings (less than a day's work essentially). There are only three pattern pieces, front (with attached facings), back and collar. I did have to piece the undercollar, since I didn't have enough to cut them both on the fold, but if anything it just gives the back of the collar a little more structure. The armholes and back neck are finished with bias tape. I used a contrasting fabric for the back neck finishing, since I still have some of the green left from my Robson Trench. The little bit of color helps break up the floral some, and gives it a little more polish in my opinion. 

I wanted some fairly neutral buttons, but since the background is such a weird shade of peach it was nearly impossible to find something that really matched, so I went with some plain, pale pink ones. I did add a fourth button, since these are a little smaller than the ones I used on the first blouse, and the three the pattern calls for just wasn't going to cut it this time. That's the only change I made though. 

I've got another blouse about half finished, and my next two Vintage Pattern Pledge projects cut, but haven't marked them yet. I've almost got my sewing room all set up; just a few more things missing, and then I'll get pictures taken to share with you all. It's SO nice finally having a dedicated workspace now. Hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. I adore this Evie! Excellent work squeezing a #vintagepledge in amongst all your other responsibilities! I've pinned it with all the other lovelies here

  2. I love the fabric and colors in this outfit, the muted tones are so calm and sweet. Lovely look!

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  3. Goodness how I adore the colours and design of the fabric that you used for this classic blouse, dear Evie. They're earthy, elegant and very pretty all in the same go. Wonderful creation!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. This is such a gorgeous blouse, I love the fabric you used!! I need to find something like that for a summer blouse for myself I think :)


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