Monday, May 18, 2015


I thought I'd have more to share with you all at this point, but we are currently playing the waiting game....with everything. I'm four weeks from my due date and we are in the process of a buying a new house (as we have currently busting our 1.5 bedroom house at the seams). We were NOT intending to move for another year or so, giving ourselves plenty of time to adjust to two small children, but we ran into one of those "too good to pass up" situations and jumped on it as fast as we could. Now that we're in the paperwork stage though, everything has slowed down to a glacial speed. So, we're waiting on getting a closing date set, waiting for this baby to get here, waiting until we can actually start moving/painting, waiting to get our house ready to rent, and waiting until we can get any of the baby stuff set up since we don't know what's going to happen first; baby or house. I'm trying to keep my activity level down so this kid doesn't decide to show up too early, but I've been plugging away at my mohair cardigan, FINALLY cleaning out my fabric scrap bin(s), slowly packing our life into boxes and waiting for someone to tell me it's finally ok to start moving forward with something. I was actually tempted to cut out a blouse for myself this weekend (and get another Vintage Pattern Pledge worthy project knocked out), but then remembered I'd already boxed up my fabric stash, with the exception of the wool I've got cut for my new coat. I may try and get a little thread tracing done on that in the next couple of weeks if I can squeeze the time in somewhere, but I'm not holding out too much hope for that. I did go ahead and opt for potting a few pepper and cherry tomato plants so I can move them easily without hurting them, and it's been killing me not being able to get my other tomato vines in the ground yet. So that's that. Hopefully in another couple of weeks I'll have some more entertaining/interesting things to it a baby or the new sewing machine set-up I'll be working out in the new house. For now I'll leave you with a pretty dose of spring from a friend's yard. They've cheered up the dining room table a bit, since it's surrounded by boxes and bags of stuff on nearly every side.


  1. Oh, I know what it's like to hanging around waiting on houses, and babies! Hang in there! I hope it all gets moving smoothly for you.

    bonita of Lavender & Twill


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