Friday, July 11, 2014

Playsuit Sew-Along Part 3

I'm a few days behind on the final playsuit posts because I ran into a few technical issues (first my iron died and then my skirt was too small and had to be fixed), but I finally have all four pieces finished and photographed. I've shown you all the patterns before, so I won't go into much of that today; it's pretty much be a photo post, but I will explain a little about this skirt. The pattern illustration indicates that this is a fairly full, A-line garment. Let me tell ya. It's not. At all. The skirt actually turned out looking a whole lot more 70s than 40s. It's a super narrow A-line, and that plus the mid-calf length really make me feel like I need to part my hair in the center, go braless, and carry a macrame bag. That being said, I do still like the skirt, it's just not quite what I had originally planned on. The other issue, was that despite all the pattern measurements and everything checking out, the skirt was entirely too snug, causing pulling at the pockets and the button placket over my stomach, not to mention the lack of room in the waist. Not appropriate for pizza feasts, this one. I had already done a lot of the finishing and really wasn't looking forward to taking everything apart and recutting the waistband, etc, so what I ended up doing was adding a placket extension to the underlap in order to give myself some room to shift the buttons over. That made a huge difference. I also had to shift the buttonhole placement quite a bit so that I wasn't getting the gapping across my stomach that was happening with the original placement. Despite the issues, I'm pretty happy with the end result, and it will work well with all of my solid t-shirts/camisoles and sweaters as well. So here it is, followed by the other three pieces.

Hope everyone is having a good summer!



  1. Hello, I've just popped over to your blog after reading the post on We Sew Retro to say I love this set. It's really well thought out and the pieces look like they were meant to be together! Very lovely.

  2. These are adorable, Evie! Loving it!

  3. Absolutamente adorable todo el conjunto... nos mostrarás fotos con él?? La falda también es una preciosidad y el color es muy combinable,... me hizo reir tu comentario de que no es apropiada para fiestas de pizza. Espero que todo va bien por ahí, querida amiga.

    1. Gracias, Rosy! Intentaré tomar algunas fotos de yo mismo llevando unos de estos proyectos, pero tengo que esperar hasta que mi esposo tenga un descanso pequeño del trabajo. He estado haciendo un vestido nuevo, pero ya no lo he completado porque estaba absorta por completo en el serie de gran hotel esta semana. Ya no tenemos a la tercera temporada aquí, pero la espero con anhelo ;) Un abrazo

  4. Venía a saludarte , te echamos de menos en la globosfera, querida amiga!


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