Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Knit for Victory

I'm finally getting to participate in something! I have wanted to join in so many of the wonderful sew-alongs and knit-alongs that are always happening in the blogging world, but have never been able to get myself organized enough to do them. First it was school, then it was moving, and now the baby, but when I read that Tasha was going to be hosting a Knit for Victory knit-along I was determined to figure out some way to take part. I've got a zillion and one 1940s patterns I'd love to work through, but since most of them are sweaters I knew there was no way I'd be able to get an entire project finished by January 31st. I've got to finish up the cardigan and pant set that I've been working on for the peanut (which I'm very nearly finished with at this point), and I've also got a couple of sewing projects in the works. I'm trying very hard to finish one thing before starting another because that has been a bad habit of mine for some time. Since I've got a major deadline for completing the baby sweater (It's 6-9 month size and he's only got a couple of months left that he'll sit in that size; i.e.
 Mom needs to get it finished ASAP!), I've been working diligently on that so I can cast on my next project for the knit-along. 

Now, as I said, everything I wanted to make was too large an undertaking for my busy schedule if I actually wanted to be finished by the deadline, but lo and behold Tasha has just released her first knitting pattern! It's a beautiful, 1940s style, fair isle tam called Victory

Image via Tasha Moss, modeled by Rochelle
It's a small enough project that I shouldn't have too much trouble getting through it in the allotted time, and I absolutely LOVE fair isle. I've never actually done any color work this complex before, but it's long been on my to-do list when it comes to expanding my knitting skills. It's an adorable hat, it's a small enough project to finally participate in a knit-along, and it's a good sized project to serve as an introduction to fair isle! I can't lose! I had some yarn left from the 1940s pullover I finished several months ago, and I ordered a few more skeins of the same yarn in different color ways to fill out my palette. 

It will coordinate perfectly with my pullover, since it will use some of the same blue, and I'm really excited about the combination of colors on the whole. The orange and red are great for fall, and the green, blue and ecru really round the palette out nicely I think. I've super excited about seeing what everyone else makes for the knit-along, and maybe next time around I'll be able to make one of the sweaters on my list! If you're interested in participating, or just seeing everyone's projects, the knit-along info can all be found here.


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  1. Maravilloso proyecto! yo pensé en incluírme también, pero tengo que ser consciente de que mi tiempo es limitado con el trabajo, así que estoy segura que no podré terminarlo a tiempo. Estaré atenta a tu proyecto, has elegido unos colores preciosos!! Feliz semana.


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