Thursday, April 18, 2013

I finally finished another project!

The 1940s shirtdress I posted last time is now finished! I attached the sleeves, set the zipper and did all the other finishing work on it this afternoon and evening. It needs some more thorough pressing, but I really wanted to get some photos taken before it got too dark so I could share the finished product. I found two buttons in my (small) button stash that were perfect. They're a plain, dark wood and were the perfect size for this dress. I don't even remember why I bought these, but I'm glad I did. It saved me making another trip before I could cross this project off my list. I went ahead and put this navy belt on Tabitha just to see what it would look like, but it really needs a dark brown belt to go with the buttons. I need a medium width brown belt anyway, because my collection is somehow lacking one, so I will have to pick one up somewhere. 

Just as a reminder, this is the pattern that I used.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, I just wish that I could actually try it on myself right now. Only five weeks to go until my due date, though! So I'm inching closer every day to being able to wear normal clothes again. I hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. I love the fabric! Very cute!

  2. What a cute shirt dress! I love the fabric, at first glance I thought it was coffee beans!

  3. So pretty, great fabric for the style. Your work on this is very nice!

  4. Fantastic! Not a huge vintage fan, but this I like...lots.


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