Monday, March 11, 2013

Family snapshots

I've had a pretty decent stack of old family photos that I've been meaning to scan for a very long time in order to share with you all (and my extended family). Many of them make for great costume study resources, as they are a great way to see what normal people wore in daily life in decades past. It's always fun to look through pictures of my grandmother and her friends in particular since she was always so stylish. She still looks like a regular person though, making it fun to see how "trendy" looks in the 30s, 40s and 50s looked on normal people. I haven't had time to get through too many of them, what with trying to keep track of all the notes and things written on the photos as well, but I wanted to share the first bunch with you all. 

Not sure who this lady is, but I love her outfit. Looking at the houses, I'm pretty sure it's one of great aunts on my grandfather's side, but I could be wrong. 

Alice, Pat, Maryjane, Dot (?) - Indianapolis 11-29-1943  - My grandmother is the one with the big leopard collar.

My great Aunts Ethel and Peggy, and my Uncle Tommy and one of the other boys (not sure which one, there were 11 of them all told)

My uncles Chester and Jimmy, and "?" playing cowboys and indians (early to mid '30s probably)

A little fuzzy, but my grandmother on the left

My grandparents at the beach

Nana with my aunt and twin uncles - 1948?

Nana is the second from the right

My grandparents (right) with some friends (early 1950s?)

One more with dad in the picture as well ( 1948?)

Nana - pretty sure this was her graduation dress

And last but surely not least, my favorite of the bunch....

The back of this reads "Hi sweetie!! Gee, I love you!!" - I'm guessing she sent this one to my grandfather
Isn't that an adorable bathing suit?! And I am a huge fan of the spectators (something I clearly come by honestly). I can't get anywhere near that tan, though. 

We are on spring break this week, so I've got a little respite from grading for a while, and we've been working on getting the house a little more organized before the baby gets in a just a couple of short months. I'll hopefully also be getting the couch finished (or mostly there) and several more photos scanned and uploaded. Hope everyone has had a good start to the week!


  1. Well, that first picture is your Aunt Nancy, Dad's little sister and the "friends" in #9 are Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Ellen. The rather grim looking (in this photo)older lady at the little table with Mom is her mother,Granny.. The picture of Mom in the long dress is actually a bridesmaid photo from the wedding from one of her friends. Thanks for posting these photos and I hope all of your readers enjoy them!

  2. So much fun to look at family pics...I spent hours and hours at my mom's house a couple of years back, scanning our family albums. so glad I did. Some of yours look just like some of mine! Wonderful! Notice how everyone dressed up all the time?

  3. Your grandmother was quite a "looker" as my Dad would say. Love the striped dress worn by one of her friends.

  4. These are gorgeous, Evie! I've been collecting old family photos, too, especially the ones from my Grandma from the 1920s. She had one awesome bobbed haircut!

  5. these are lovely!!! I'm very jealous, my family left everything behind in the 60s to migrate to Australia and there's no early photos :(.
    Your grandma had great taste :)

    1. Thanks so much! We are very lucky to have a pretty decent number of photos from both sides of my family.


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