Thursday, December 27, 2012

Polka Dots and Cables

First of all, I wanted to show you all the finished baby sweater I posted last time. I finished it up a week or so ago and have since started a new one. This one is a newborn size, so it won't be very practical as it won't fit long enough to make it through the cold next winter, but since it was mostly a cabling experiment on my part I'm ok with that. Someone will be able to make use of it again at some point. 

The left shoulder buttons with three little buttons that I had in my stash. They came off one of the cuffs of an old sport coat. I only made a few alterations to the pattern, primarily choosing to knit the sleeves in the round in order to save myself one more seam. I really like this pattern and will probably make another one at some point, but in a larger size.

I've also started a second baby sweater (this one is a 6-9 month size) for next winter. It's a cabled jacket with hood, and also has matching socks. The yarn I'm using for this one is a burgundy superwash merino. It feels absolutely wonderful! The pattern I'm using is very poorly written, making it a bit difficult to interpret some of the instructions at certain points. I made the mistake of not reading them all thoroughly before I started and after knitting about 5 inches of the back had to rip everything but the ribbing and start over. Now that I've got the pattern figured out (after needing to make a few minor adjustments) it's turning out very well. I've got the back finished and have started the right front. I'll be taking this one on vacation with us next week and will hopefully be able to knock out the majority of it (if not all of it) before I have to go back to work on the seventh.

Now, this baby is not the only one who's got new clothes in the works. I am about half finished with a 1950s maternity top (that's been on the back burner since I started the sweaters and have been busy with holiday stuff). The pattern is one that I was given by a good friend. It's a 1950s maternity pattern (Simplicity 1174) with a top, skirt and shorts. I'm making the top in version 1 to wear once I get bigger and the weather warms up. 

Image from Vintage Patterns Wiki
The fabric I found for just a few dollars a yard from Denver Fabrics, and I think it's going to look cute with my jeans and the black knit pencil skirt I have also. 

I still have to attach the sleeves, hem the bottom and finish the closures on the front. It's a bit of a wrinkly mess on Tabitha right now, but I think it's going to be really cute once I've got it all together. The fabric has a woven dot pattern in white, yellow, red and pink. The black trim is a scrap from my black linen pants that I made last summer, and I have solid black buttons for the front of the blouse.

Once I get this second sweater finished I'll probably go back and finish up this top. I also have to finish trimming some pajamas I made and try and get our couch recovered before the baby gets here, but that's going to be kind of a tall order, so we'll see what happens. I hope that everyone is enjoying the holidays  and I hope to have some finished garments to show you all very soon! 

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