Monday, August 20, 2012

Fellow Blogger Feature: Blue Collar Bad Girl

I just wanted to share this one with you all! Tamsen is another local blogger (who also happens to be my sweet baby brother's girlfriend), and while I love the clothes she designs for herself, I must admit that my favorite of her creative outlets is definitely her baking. This girl can bake like nobody's business! Seriously. And she makes valves; because being well rounded is very important. Without further ado, here are a couple of my favorite projects of hers....

This caped mini-dress is a newer project, and is absolutely adorable. She always looks cute, but this dress is definitely up there pretty high on the cute outfit list. I am no longer young enough to get away with a mini this micro, but she can still pull it off.

This pleated skirt is one of her own designs, as is the studded collar.

She ombre dyes her own jeans....

And I cannot begin to describe the goodness that is the vegan choco-nut peanut butter bliss bite. These things were seriously to die for. Chocolate, peanut butter, caramel and coconut. In miniature.

One of my favorite designs of hers, however, is this incredibly comfortable hooded tunic-dress. She very generously shared her pattern with me, and I could wear mine every day. It's one of those projects that I still haven't managed to take pictures of, but I think I'm going to make myself another one in the near future here, so I will make sure I take pictures of that one.

I really could go on and on about her baking, but suffice it to say, after several varieties of carrot cake, homemade chocolate truffles, Oreo cheesecake, pumpkin muffins with some incredible frosting (just enough to add sweetness without overpowering) and as many other goodies we could manage to get to the house before they were all eaten by my little brother, she has never made anything that was not "lick your fingers and pray there was more" good, and she frequently shares her recipes with us her dear readers. You, too, can have choco-nut peanut butter bliss bites in your life.

Photo credits go to my brother, Drury Graham.

I just started back to work teaching today, so it's back to the grind around here, but I should still be getting a few projects posted here and there as I get things finished up and photographed. Hope you all are having a wonderful start to the week!



  1. I love the cape mini dress - so stylish yet edgy. Oh to 30 years younger and wear one myself. But I have 2 daughters!!!

    1. Isn't it great! She maintains the balance between girly and edgy really well, in my opinion.

  2. Evie, you are too kind. Thank you so much. I hope to see you soon so I can give you a sugary housewarming gift!

    1. You are very welcome. I really do love that caped dress. It's super cute. And I would LOVE any sugary housewarming gift you can devise :)

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