Monday, December 26, 2011

Finally a finished sweater

I finally finished this lace sweater I've been working on for so long. It's taken me forever to get it finished up, but I was determined to have it out of the way before the next semester starts back up. This is one project I can cross off the list at least.

It's a pattern from the 1930s that I found on Ravelry, although I can no longer find the link to the pdf. For those of you with Ravelry accounts it's called the 5 O'clock Surplice. I used a lace weight alpaca/silk blend yarn that I found at (one of our very few remaining) local yarn shops. It's incredibly soft yarn, as one might expect from silk and alpaca. I used one 875 yd skein (and a few extra feet) for this sweater, and I still have one skein left. I'm going to dig around and see if I can find another pattern to use the other skein for, since it feels so nice. It's alright to have two sweaters in the same yarn, right?? I just have to make sure that they look different enough that it's slightly less odd to have two sweaters in the same yarn. It's a teensy bit shorter than I was expecting, but think it will look really cute with my super-high waisted, 1930s lounge pants (especially my black ones).

While I have spent a great deal of time knitting in the last week, I managed to fit in a bit of baking (and lots of celebrating for my friend's wedding, my 24th birthday, and Christmas). I made a couple of batches of scones for my boyfriend's roommates: peppermint scones and chocolate-almond-butterscotch scones. They both turned out pretty well, but the latter was definitely the crowd favorite. The guys left me a nice note the next morning.

The wedding I went to was for a swing-dancing friend of mine, and as such there was lots of fun, vintage fashion that showed up to help them celebrate.

This lovely lady, in a stunning 1930s, burgundy velvet dress, is responsible for the beautiful suit the groom wore. She did an absolutely incredible job, making sure there was a perfectly tailored groom on the big day. The lining of the jacket and the back of the vest were really vibrant, bright coral, and the vest back was a giant polka-dot print. I would also like to commend her on her amazing welt pockets. She was very proud of them, as well she should be. They were perfect. She also altered the shorter 1940s dress that the bride changed into later, for ease of dancing of course.
Some of my favorite ladies. 

Her aunt (my mom's best friend) altered this 1930s wedding gown for her.
Finally, for my birthday I gifted myself with a pair of remix shoes. I've been lusting after these for months and now they are mine.

They are a bit darker than this in real life, a bit more mahogany, but they're absolutely lovely and I really want another pair. I'll take a picture of mine sometime soon. I'll be wearing them frequently. We all went out for sushi on my birthday, stuffing our faces with deliciousness, and then all walked down to have a look at the restaurant that my guy and his brother are getting ready to open. He got an urge to go see a movie, so the two of us went to go see The Adventures of Tintin. I hadn't been to the movies in months and months, and this movie was a lot of fun. The animation was pretty impressive as well. Overall, 24 was a pretty fun birthday. Now it's back to work on the next few projects on the list....


  1. Thank you, Baroness! I'm glad it's finally wearable. It was definitely time to get this project finished.


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