Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yet another pair of 1940s shorts

I've actually had these finished for a while, but had been waiting to take pictures of another project or two that I finished about the same time and haven't gotten around to it yet. These shorts were actually kind of a side project, made from the denim I had leftover after making a pair of 1960s inspired cigarette pants. I used the same 1949 shorts pattern that I've used for all my other shorts, adapting it slightly to eliminate the waistband and adjust the fit for the heavier/stiffer denim. These pictures are super great, but the weather was not conducive to getting decent ones outside. You get the idea at least.

The back darts don't lay perfectly, because this stretch denim just didn't want to press nicely at the points, but a lot of the bunching, etc is a function of the weird position I'm standing in to take this picture. 

Just for fun, this is what happened when I went outside to try and pictures...

This is the foggiest weather I've seen since the rainforest hike we took on Ancon Hill in Panamá. 
I'll hopefully get pictures taken of the pants soon, and I'm also just about finished with another dress project. It's a Butterick reprint from 1957 and I'm really loving how it's turning out so far!

P.S. - These are also some new earrings. I found them the other day, super cheap and SUPER HUGE (my favorite!!).


  1. Cute shorts. I recall wearing shorts just like these in the early 70s. What goes around comes around. My shorts wearing days are over, but I'd love a pair of trousers like this.

  2. nice shorts you have there. a truly high waist short in the 1940's. :) do you have a design for mens shorts?

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