Saturday, September 3, 2011

I haven't died, I promise!

Whew, it's been a long time! The last month has been pretty crazy, flying back to the west coast for another family wedding and then getting back into the swing of things at school, all while trying to finish a few projects. I am working on a few dresses for one of my cousins, altered a few dresses I didn't wear for her and also made myself a sari blouse and skirt to wear to another cousin's wedding. I haven't gotten any more work done on my suit, but I'll get there eventually. Once I get back  into the rhythm of school I'll hopefully be able to squeeze in a bit of sewing time here and there.

As you may have surmised, it was a Hindu wedding, as my cousin's new husband is from a South Indian family. They actually had two ceremonies (one Catholic and one Hindu), and more occasions for eating copious amounts of delicious Indian food than I could count (okay so really it was only four I think, but that's a lot of events surrounding one marriage. Not that I disapprove of taking full advantage of an opportunity to eat Indian food).
Mom, my cousin Mary and me at the wedding reception.

My little brother and me at the reception dinner (he hates this picture since he's making a totally goony face, but oh well).

And my big brother, who has always had a hard time not looking stressed in photos.
My cousin looked absolutely beautiful (as did my aunt, and my uncle was really enjoying his suit).
I made the dresses that both my cousin and me wore to the rehearsal dinner.

Incindentally, she's the lovely Target Pharmacist who's featured in their new add campaign. You may have seen posters of her at your local Target. 
I also made the teal dress she wore to the Catholic ceremony (in the center) along with my blue version of the same DKNY Vogue pattern.

I just finished a version of Vogue 2267 in a dark pink floral print, and am working on a purple version of the dress I wore to the rehearsal dinner. I'm also going to make her the green dress I finished several weeks ago.

School is definitely demanding most of my time, what with all the grading and things I have to do on top of my own homework, but I'm enjoying teaching so far. I don't think any of my students hate me, and we had a little impromptu salsa lesson yesterday in my second class, which not only helped wake everyone up, but I think they all enjoyed it. Tengo un breve descanso este finde por Labor Day que voy a disfrutar mucho, y espero que todos ustedes tengan buen fin de semana también!


  1. Looks like it was a fabulous wedding! I love all the colours!

  2. Que interesante la boda, quiero decir, que se hayan casado por dos rituales o ceremonias, imagino que tu familia disfruto mucho el vestirse con ropa indu ademas de la experiencia de comer comida tipica tambien.
    Siempre me ha llamado la atencion la ropa tradicional indu por su colorido y la tela.
    Your cousin wedding dress is very pretty, as I have said before, you are a very good costurera!

  3. Wow! Ahora comprendo que usted ha estado tanto tiempo perdida! Ha hecho cosas maravillosas! Yo asistí hace tiempo a una boda indú que duró tres días, ahí tambien es así?

  4. En general sí, asi es, pero en este caso fueron tres días de eventos y fiestas porque la mayoría de la familia tuvo que viajar una gran distancia y además hubo una ceremonia católica y también una indú, asi que necesitamos un breve descanso entre todos los eventos (tanto los jóvenes como los viejitos!).


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